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Wealth Planning

What is wealth planning? At Craven Capital, we believe that wealth planning is really about understanding what you have, what you need and how you are going to make up the difference. Once you have it, it’s about preserving and growing it…and ultimately passing what’s left onto whomever you want, (generally, to your descendants).

Technically speaking, Wealth Planning is a combination of disciplined retirement planning (having enough to live on comfortably) and detailed estate planning (distributing what you don’t use after your passing). The most critical issues facing high net worth clients are typically:

1. Creating, growing, and preserving wealth. (How do I ensure I will have enough during my life?)

2. Planning for the use of wealth during life. (What resources do I need to support my lifestyle and other objectives, like helping the children or grandchildren, or maybe a favorite charity?)

3. Planning for the distribution of wealth at death. (Who receives it when I die?)

At Craven Capital, we spend as much time with you as necessary to fully comprehend what you want to accomplish.  Your situation is unique, and a successful outcome is predicated on our thoroughly understanding why.  You are driven by different desires, needs, objectives and challenges.  Our job is to consider all of these and design a workable plan, tailored just for you, that incorporates each of them.