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Life Planning

While Life Planning is distinct from financial planning or trust and estate planning or even investment management, there are elements of all three disciplines involved in it.

Life Planning is really an amalgamation of all the elements of one’s life…physical, spiritual, emotional and financial. Some people would see it as much a process as a plan but in essence, it is a combination of both. You are simply assessing who you are and what you have now and trying to determine what your future should look like.

Once you’ve done that…in other words, once you’ve created your psychic road map…it’s a matter of moving in that direction to create, adopt and implement a physical action plan to get you where you need and want to be.

As life planning is multi-faceted, you may need to work with an array of different professionals, including money managers, financial planners, attorneys, CPAs and even specialist life coaches and counselors.

Is Life Planning for everybody? We think not.

When one decides to adopt a Life Plan, it is usually in response to a change in personal circumstances e.g. the loss of a loved one, the agony of a divorce or even an unintended career change or termination. Whatever the motivating factor, if you decide that Life Planning is necessary in your life and you consciously devote your physical and psychic energy to the change required to adopt such a plan, we can help you assemble the professional team to help you create and implement your Personal Life Plan (PLP). Just ask us.

There is an ancient saying that goes like this…”when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. We believe that!