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Welcome to Craven Capital.

We manage money, plain and simple.  Clients come to us because they want to understand what they own in their portfolios and why.  We believe that the world is complex enough for clients already without us trying to make it more so.  We also believe that clients are happiest when they are making money, not losing it.  We therefore constantly strive to keep our clients happy.

Our motto is “Patient Capital….Positioned for Profit”.

We do not chase markets, trends or fads.  We know the stocks we want to own and the price at which we want to own them.  We also know that the market is manic….and does crazy things from time to time, especially these days.  So we patiently wait until the right opportunities present themselves and then we pounce…at prices that provide us the absolute best chance for profit and the least risk of loss.  Buying high and selling low is NOT a part of our strategy.

Some clients will also ask us to assist them with their overall wealth planning, which we will do when we believe that we can genuinely add value.  Internally, we have excellent planning knowledge and experience, however, whenever we believe it is in the client’s best interests to do so, we will gladly make introductions to other qualified professionals who can and will provide them with the specific additional expertise they need.

Please feel free to take a tour of our site.

On the “About Us” page we describe why we believe we are different from many other money managers and investment advisors.  Our investment strategy is relatively simple and we explain why in this section. Our FAQ attempts to respond to some of the regular questions we get regarding our investment strategy in particular and our company generally.

Our “Services” page talks a little about how we assist our clients in both managing their money and, as required, the additional services we can provide to meet additional planning and related objectives.

The Commentary page is our way of communicating to clients and prospective clients on a regular basis.  It gives us the opportunity to share our thoughts on what is happening in the world of business, finance, geo-politics and the economy generally…as all of these have an effect on the markets…and therefore, on our clients’ portfolios.

If you would like to contact us, either for more information or to set up an initial meeting, please feel free to complete the information form under the “Contact Us” tag and we will gladly respond to you as quickly as we reasonably can.